Tony Weatherall was born into a 7th Hussars family in 1924: his father Nigel commanded the Regiment in the late 1930s.

Capt T Weatherall
Capt T Weatherall

All his life Tony took a keen interest in horses, the cavalry and the Army and was an active and generous supporter of his Regiment.

He joined the Seventh on active service in Italy in 1944 and was Mentioned in Despatches. He ended the War with the Regiment in Trieste where he was the Stables officer, then went as ADC to the C-in-C British Troops Austria.

Regimental service followed in BAOR which he represented at Hockey – he was a fine all-around games player – broken by a tour as GSO3 Intelligence HQ 7th Armoured Division. After that, he was with the Seventh in Hong Kong where he met his wife Sophy and they were married in 1955 at St Paul’s Cathedral.

He left the Army from his final post as a Gunnery Instructor at Lulworth in 1956. Having burnt his Blues in the mess to mark the end of his army career he was surprised to be recalled the following day for the Suez Crisis and was obliged to serve for six months at Warcop!

Thereafter he embarked on a career as a popular and successful bill broker in the City (complete with a morning coat, stiff collar and top hat), hunting also with the Cottesmore and the Quorn.

On the death of Sophy’s father in 1976 he retired from the City and the family moved to her old home in Dumfriesshire. In later years he enjoyed the company of old comrades, hunting, fishing and shooting and was a familiar sight on many a racecourse.

A large and convivial character, he ran the officers’ dinner for many years and responded generously to regimental appeals: notably to those of Robin Carnegie and John Venner for the various redevelopments of the Queen’s Own Hussars Museum.

His death on 2nd November 2013 is mourned by the Regiment, his large family and his many friends.

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