Tony died on 29 December 1998, aged 77.

Col AAL Holloway, OBE
Col AAL Holloway, OBE

He joined the Cheltenham Squadron of the 2nd Royal Gloucester Hussars in 1938. The Regiment was sent to the Middle East in August 1941. Prior to this he did a D and M instructor’s course at Bovington and got a P1.

He was initially a Crusader tank driver in the rank of lance corporal and took part in the many battles of the Regiment. Later, while the allied forces were withdrawing to the El Alamein line, he drove a Stewart Light Tank in the July Column which harassed Axis communications and supply columns.

He took part in the battle of El Alamein.

Because of heavy casualties, the 2nd Royal Gloucester Hussars was disbanded early in 1943. The Cheltenham squadron was posted to the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars just before they moved to Cyprus.

He left the 8th Hussars whilst there and was commissioned into the 1st Motor Battalion of the SDF as a captain.

In 1944 he transferred to the Royal Tank Regiment, remaining with them until September 1945, when he returned to the UK and was posted to Bovington.

He was discharged in September 1946.

He rejoined the 2nd Royal Gloucester Hussars in February 1952, eventually becoming its Commanding Officer. In 1959 he reformed the highly successful Regimental Band, which had been disbanded in 1939.

He relinquished command in April 1964 and was appointed Brevet Colonel.

He was awarded the OBE, was a Justice of the Peace and was Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire.

He was President of the Royal Gloucester Hussars’ Yeomanry Association and President of the Cheltenham Branch of the RTR. He farmed at Redmarley.

He, together with many other former Royal Gloucester Hussars who had joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, was a regular attendee at 8th Hussars’ and Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars’ Regimental weekends, and a loyal and active member of the Regimental Association.

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