Colonel H. R. (Bully) Barton died in York aged 82 in April 1976.

He enlisted in the 3rd Hussars at Shorncliffe in March 1912 and in August 1914 went to France with the Regiment in the rank of Corporal. In October he was promoted to 2nd Lt and shortly afterwards was wounded at Klein Zillebeke.

At the battle of Cambrai, he was sent on a liaison patrol to the infantry preparing an attack on Bourlon Village. As a result of this patrol and the information he reported to the 4th Cavalry Brigade, he was awarded the M.C.

He remained with the Regiment throughout the War but afterwards held appointments in Dublin, as an Instructor at the School of Musketry at Hythe, and as Garrison Adjutant and Quartermaster at Abbasia.

He was with the Regiment again in Lucknow until he transferred in 1932 to the Special List of Quartermasters of the Indian Army. While in Lucknow he ran and played in the Regimental Football Team and also enjoyed shooting which in those days was available and inexpensive.

He was a man of complete integrity and high principles balanced by a natural charm, good nature and a sense of humour. He was a good man and friend.

He retired as a Colonel in October 1947 and lived in later years at York where his wife died about a year before him.

Our sympathy is extended to his son and two daughters.

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