Ernie Starr died on 6 November 1991 after a short illness.

He joined the 4th Hussars in 1946 having enlisted just before the end of the war and continued to serve with the Regiment until he completed his seven-year engagement.

The majority of his service was with ‘A’ Squadron and perhaps he will be best remembered as a Troop Corporal in 4th Troop in Malaya, Hong Kong and the UK.

Ernie was a respected soldier and enjoyed the confidence of those who served with him. He was good company, being cheerful with plenty of determination and common sense.

It was only recently that he made contact with the Regimental Association and he attended the London Dinner in May 1991 and the 4th Troop reunion in October 1991.

Since leaving the army he had lived in Lincolnshire and his funeral in Spalding was attended by about 200 people, including a representative of the Regimental Association and the 4th Hussars.

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