Taff died on 27 January 1997, aged 62.

He enlisted on 16 June 1952 at Swansea and joined the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars on Balaklava Day 1952, at Tidworth He soon became a member of the Regimental rugby team. He also represented the 4th Hussars in boxing.

He moved with the Regiment to Hohne in September 1953 and in July 1954 was promoted to local Lance Corporal. In February 1957 he married Lillian and was posted to FVRDE Kirkcudbright, where he remained until January 1959.

He left to join ‘B’ Squadron, the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars at Hohne. He moved to Tidworth with the Regiment in June 1961, prior to embarking for Aden on the SS Oxfordshire on Balaklava Day 1961. He moved with ‘B’ Squadron to Singapore in September 1962 and on to Sarawak in July 1963. He was promoted to Corporal in July 1966.

Taff left the Army in September 1968 with the reputation of being a loyal and hard-working Irish Hussar. He took up long-distance lorry driving and eventually owned his own vehicle. Unfortunately, all did not go well, and he lost his lorry and livelihood.

In 1986 he moved to Thornaby, the stamping ground of the 1st Durham Troop which he joined and in 1991 he became the troop secretary. He proved to be diligent and loyal, raising a declining membership mainly by encouraging old friends to attend. He arranged TV and press interviews to try and find retired members living in the troop area. At times his enthusiasm annoyed All done, of course, with the best of intentions. He was extremely neighbouring troops, as he sometimes encroached on their areas.

Taff was a well-known 4th Queen’s Own Hussar and Irish Hussar, who will be sadly missed and our sympathy and condolences to Joy and his family.

Stan Graham wrote the following tribute to Taff:

‘I’m proud to say Taff was my friend in Army and civilian life right to the very end. What can I say about this man who had a heart of gold, who turned out day or night, to help comrades sick and old? He was a trooper to the last, in which he took great pride. He loves the Regiment and Wales, a fact he did not hide. All who knew and loved this man with the respect that never fails will be thankful for one blessed thing he came home to die in Wales, Now I know his spirit will fly over hills and vales He will then be forever a part of his beloved Wales.’

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