Ken died on 20 February 2005 aged 70.

He enlisted into the RAC in February 1952 and following his initial basic and trade training as a signaller/gunner with the 68th training Regiment he was posted to the 4th Hussars who were then based at Tidworth on Salisbury Plain.

He was one of many newly trained soldiers to join the regiment to maintain its strength at a time when over 400 4th Hussars who had seen service in the Far East were being demobilised at the end of their periods of engagement.

He was appointed lance corporal on 16 November 1952; which was only eight weeks after joining the regiment. Full corporal followed some 18 months later by which time the regiment had moved to Hohne, BAOR to replace 5 RTR. Ken remained with the regiment up to the time of completing his three-year engagement in February 1955.

In 1967 he volunteered for service with the T and AVR and service with 4/5th King’s Own for a further nine years.

At the time of his death, he was living at Morecambe, Lancashire close to his married daughter.

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