Marcel died on 19 February 1999, aged 76.

Cpl MA Hilltout
Cpl MA Hilltout

He joined the Army in August 1941 and was posted to the 2nd Royal Gloucester Hussars in North Africa in early 1942, taking part in the battle of Alam Halfa and other battles.

Following the Battle of El Alamein, due to the disbandment of the 2nd Royal Gloucester Hussars, he, together with others from his Regiment, joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in January 1943.

He moved with the Regiment to Cyprus almost immediately and remained there until June. The Regiment then moved to Cyrenaica, where they stayed until sailing for the UK in early November to prepare for the Normandy landings.

He sailed for Normandy on D+3 as a radio operator in Recce Troop and took part in the Regiment’s battles up to and including the entry into Hamburg. He commanded a tank in the Victory Parade in Berlin on 21 July 1945.

He was with the Regiment in Molln and Itzehoe and left in December 1945 on posting to the Royal Scots Greys, leaving BAOR on release in January 1947. He was a brave and reliable soldier and a staunch comrade.

He was a loyal member of the Regimental Association and together with other ex-2nd Royal Gloucester Hussars attended Regimental weekends.

He rejoined the family firm, Premier Products; in 1957 his brother and he became joint managing directors and sales rapidly expanded. In 1970 he drove the development of export sales throughout Europe and later the Middle East. He was a forward-looking employer.

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