Again another sadness has cast its spell over the wider Regimental Family, especially to the Irish Hussars, Cpl Nick Singleton went off to join our bigger Regimental Association on 1 January 2001.

Knowing Nick he will be well received and will be having a few beers bringing all the other guys, especially Dominic Malocco up to date with all the ‘CRAIC’ from here.

Nick had already served five years in the RAF before joining the Regiment, which at that time was armed with the Centurion tank in Hohne as part of 7 Armoured Brigade.

The Regiment returned to the UK in June 1961 and Nick with the rest of ‘B’ Squadron converted to armoured cars for our Middle and Far East tour. By this time Nick was an LCpl in 4th Troop which he was to serve until 1964 when he went to Support Troop.

I remember him from those years with fond nostalgia, having been his crew driver on many operations in ADEN. His sardonic humour had the ability to turn a heated argument into a comedy. His good friends from ‘B’ Squadron, to name but a few, Hubert Hagen, Johnny Martin, Johnny Arbuckle, Mick McCarten and Harry Bowden will regret the loss of a good friend, a comrade but most of all another Irish Hussar.

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