Euan died on 3 August 2010, aged almost 81 years.

Ct E McCorquodale
Ct E McCorquodale

He enlisted on 15 January 1948. He was granted a deferment until 15 August 1948 when he was posted to 25 Primary Training Centre. He served briefly with The King’s Own Scottish Borders, The 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers and 8th RTR.

He joined Mons Officers’ Cadet School on 20 May 1949 and was commissioned to The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars on 28 October 1949.

He joined them at Leicester East Airfield. He complained that due to a shortage of petrol he could hardly move his Troop of 4 Tanks. He was not there long, taking his release to RARC on 22 December 1949. He was promoted to Lt. on 21 January 1951 and released shortly afterwards.

On return to civilian life, he joined the family firm McCorquodale & Co. a printing company, with worldwide factories and printing works, becoming Vice-Chairman. He did two years at The London College of Printing. During this time he took full advantage of the Debutante Seasons.

In the early 80s, it was taken over, and Euan returned to his home in the Scottish Borders, to farm. He married his second wife sally in 1969. He had a son and daughter from his first marriage and two sons and a daughter from his second. He joined the Regimental Association in May 2003.

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