Colin died on 7 December 1995, aged 52.

He joined The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars in Aden on 26 January 1962. He was posted to ‘C’ Squadron and moved with them to Sharjah in June 1962.

At the end of September 1962 he, together with the rest of the Regiment, embarked on the SS Oxfordshire for Penang and in January 1963 the squadron was sent to Kuching (Sarawak) where they stayed for seven months.

Colin, at this time, joined the Quartermaster’s Troop for a short while, before being posted to ‘A’ Squadron, where he joined 1st Troop and remained with that troop for the Regiment’s move to Ipoh. On the move to Wolfenbuttel, Roberta joined him.

In December 1966 he was posted to FVRDE Kirkcudbright where he stayed until taking his first discharge in August 1968.

He re-enlisted in April 1970 and joined ‘C’ Squadron. He moved to Paderborn with the Regiment in August 1970 and in 1972 he was a member of the KAPE tour of London on which he drove the Chieftain tank.

In June 1973 he was again posted to Kirkcudbright until October 1975, when he was put on the Y2 List until March 1976, due to heart problems. He took his discharge in June 1976, returning to Belfast, where he took up employment as a storeman with Short Bros for 11 years, retiring in 1988 due to ill health.

On the formation of the Belfast Troop, he took on the appointment of treasurer, which he held until his death. To Roberta and the family, we extend our condolences.

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