Doug died on 20 June 2008, aged 84.

LCpl DJ Powter
LCpl DJ Powter

He first joined the Armed Forces on 30 September 1943 when he joined the RAF as a flight mechanic. He transferred to the Army on 31 August 1944, during his initial training at 61 Training Regiment, after which he was posted to 1st Fife and Forfar.

He remained with them until August 1945, when he was transferred to the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, as a vehicle mechanic, together with other Fife and Forfars, including Roy Vallance.

The 8th Hussars were at that time stationed in Itzehoe. He joined ‘A’ Squadron. In July 1946 the Regiment moved to Lingen.

He returned to the UK to take his release on 9 August 1947, being discharged to the Reserve with the Inns of Court Yeomanry on 31 October 1947. He served with them until early 1954.

As a boy, Doug helped his dad deliver goods on their horse and cart. Later he became a motor mechanic. It was a skill that both the RAF and the Army put to good use during the Second World War.

After the war, Doug went back to mending cars, lorries and coaches. His life changed considerably in 1952 when he joined Carless Capel and Leonard. It was the start of 32 happy years with that company both in Hackney Wick and in Bow. It also gave him the opportunity to meet Grace Davis, a Cat-less telephonist.

They quickly fell in love, man·ied two years later on 6 March 1954 and made their home in Forest Gate. Doug and Grace had two children, David born in 1956 and Jean born in 1961.

Doug Powter was a hard worker who climbed to the position of terminal manager at Carless before reluctantly having to take retirement, aged 60, in 1984.

He and Grace later enjoyed working on a voluntary basis for the Kenneth More theatre in Ilford, where they moved in 1976. They made a new circle of friends and, earlier this year, Doug celebrated his 20th year at the theatre.

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