John, who was born on 28 August 1918, died after a lengthy illness on 9 February 2000.

LCpl J Brown
LCpl J Brown

He hailed from Doncaster and enlisted into the KOYLI(TA) on 1 November 1935 during which he served until 21 December 1937 when he enlisted into the 4th Hussars.

He was trained as a cook and mustered as such from 29 July 1939 (this was prior to the creation of the ACC).

He sailed out of Liverpool with the 4th Hussars on 1 November 1940 for the Middle East and fought there up to the time he was captured by the Germans in June 1941. He was then a PoW in Germany until freed on 12 May 1945.

He was formally discharged as a lance corporal on 18 July 1946 and transferred to Class B reserve. His military conduct on discharge is recorded as exemplary and it is further recorded that he gave loyal and valuable service.

He did not stay away from the Army for long as he re-enlisted in the Yorkshire Dragoons (TA) on 1 October 1947 and served with them and the ACC(TA) for a period of five years ending up in the rank of Sergeant.

Our condolences go out to his son, John, who lives in Solihull.

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