Stanley died on 5th June 2009 at this home in Lisburn aged 70.

LCpl S Bustard
LCpl S Bustard

Having had previous service in The Royal Ulster Rifles (TA) from February 1955 until July 1957, he enlisted in Belfast on 16 April 1958.

After doing his training with the 16th/5th Lancers and being posted to the RAC Centre, he embarked for BAOR (Luneburg) to join The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars on 8 August 1958 being appointed Draft Conducting NCO in the rank of Acting Corporal.

On amalgamation of The 4th and 8th Hussars at Hohne 24 October 1958 Stanley became a Queen’s Royal Irish Hussar and gained rank of Lance Corporal 13 March 1959. From amalgamation he became the Commanding Officer’s driver and this continued when Lt. Col. HT Pierson took over command from Lt. Col. WGO Butler DSO MC on 22 September 1960.

There then started a long association with the Pierson family and Stanley acquired the name Buzz, started by the youngest member! Stanley married Maureen on 26 August 1959 and Paul was born on 8 March 1961 at BMH Hannover then baptized at Hohne 23 April.

He moved with the Regiment to Tidworth on 19th June 1961 and then to Aden by the troop-ship “Oxfordshire” on Balaklava Day that year. With lack of enough quarters and extreme heat, Maureen and baby returned to Northern Ireland. Stanley became ill in Aden – kidney problems – and was in RAF hospital at Steamer Point in December 1961. He was flown back to UK in December to go to Millbank hospital, London.

After discharge and leave he returned to RAC Centre 15 February 1962. A posting to HQ NI followed on 15 July 1962. Second son, Gary, was born 1 November 1962 in NI.

Having returned to RAC Centre again 21 January 1963 he was later attached to The Household Cavalry Regiment at Windsor. Donna was born 9 April 1964.

On 2 May 1966 he resumed his duties with Colonel Pierson at Old Windsor remaining back I the fold until being discharged on medical grounds 17 May 1967. During his time in Windsor he had four spells in Millbank including an operation. Having passed his test as an Advanced Driver while with Colonel Pierson, on return to civilian life Stanley joined the Associated School of Motoring in NI as a successful principal instructor. He and Maureen parted at this time and he met and married Brenda having 40 happy years and two loving daughters in Lisburn.

In 1971 Stanley was employed as Security Officer at Stormont where all vehicles seeking entrance had to be thoroughly searched. He somehow acquired a large blue leather chair for his rest periods! This team became the CSU, a mobile unit of explosive inspectors formed by N.I. Office, Police Authority. Visits to a Forensic Laboratory to be briefed on identifying illegal articles – guns, ammunition, detonators and drugs followed. They were based at Larne Harbour where they weren’t always welcomed by drivers and passengers on arrival at Larne and Belfast.

Stanley also worked with the Police at vehicle check points in Armagh, Londonderry and Dungannon. Searches at Red Bay Harbour, Co. Antrim (Republican!) were, at times, unfriendly and anxious. He also worked with Customs & Excise at Larne Harbour.

Stanley’s main recreation was golf.

Corporal Buzz came to England at the end of July 1993 with Brenda and kept a long-made promise by driving Antonia Pierson in a 1927 Phantom I Rolls Royce to the church in Fownhope, Herefordshire for her marriage to Andrew Cuthbert. He and Brenda also attended the funeral for Brigadier Pierson on 15 December 2004.

Having coped with emphysema for many years Stanley finally had a brain tumour which proved too much but was helped enormously by Brenda’s nursing and love.

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