LCpl Simon Hosell was a much-loved member of ‘C’ Squadron.

LCpl S Hosell – QRH

Simon joined the Army in January 2021 before conducting his basic and role-specific training. He then moved to Tidworth in October 2021. Over the course of his career, he has been hugely busy having deployed as a Challenger 2 tank gunner to Wales, Poland and Germany on exercises, and Estonia on Op CABRIT 13.

LCpl Hosell was initially placed in 3rd Troop of ‘C’ Squadron where he made an instant, positive impact as a cheerful and hard-working soldier. He quickly made friends and within six months he deployed to Poland on Ex DEFENDER before taking part in Ex IRON STORM. During these deployments, he performed extremely strongly, and they meant that he quickly accumulated a wealth of experience on tanks.

Later in 2022 LCpl Hosell deployed to Castle Martin Ranges in Wales to conduct Challenger 2 live firing. Over his first year his initiative, resourcefulness and leadership were shown in abundance. combined with his proficiency as a fast and accurate tank gunner he was chosen to be a member of the squadron leader’s crew for the subsequent deployment to Estonia.

Over 2023 LCpl Hosell was hughely impressive over the pre-deployment training for, and during Op CARBRIT 13. during the tour, he continued to be crewed as the squadron leader’s gunner over two exercises and ranges. Due to his experience, capacity and intelligence, he was also selected to be trained as a Bulldog vehicle commander, a role that comes with a lot of extra responsibility.

Thanks to his persona; qualities and consistently high performance in camp and in the field he was promoted from Trooper to Lance Corporal in October 2023. Over the first two months as a junior non-commissioned officer, he demonstrated all of the qualities required and had quickly grown into an effective leader.

LCpl Hosell was a superb solder and valuable teammate for all. He would approach problems with a positive and determined attitude. He could always be relied upon to work without supervision and showed a maturity that surpassed most of his peers. Through his dedication and quite industriousness, he was an absolute asset to his crew, Troop and the entire Squadron. He always had his friends and peers at the forefront of his mind and was determined not to let them down in any way.

The loss of Lance Corporal Hosell is a massive blow to ‘C’ Squadron and The Queen’s Royal Hussars. He had a bright future ahead of him which will sadly go unfulfilled and he had a large number of friends across the Regiment who miss him dearly.

His absence leaves a large hole in the team but he will be remembered.

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