LCpl Stuart Rogers was a member of Command Troop.

LCpl S Rogers
LCpl S Rogers

He enlisted into the Army at the Worcester recruiting office in October 1997 and very shortly after that attended his basic training at Winchester. His final report from training stated that he was a ‘Recruit with the above-average ability’, a theme that was repeated in the many courses that he attended. He excelled at gunnery and was the Commanding Officer’s gunner.

In March 1999 he was involved in one of the first deployments to Kosovo, where the unit he was attached to commented on the promising future ahead of him. He deployed on two other operational tours to Kosovo and became something of a Balkans expert.

In 2003 he was promoted to lance corporal and then prepared to deploy to Iraq with the Regiment, where he had a highly successful tour.

Stuart approached everything he did with a positive attitude, whether at work or in play. He had an infectious sense of humour and a ready smile and was very popular with all he came into contact with. He was a keen angler and had recently represented the Corps. He was also madly enthusiastic about his motorbike and on the afternoon of the accident, he had been out with several other members of the Regiment for their Sunday afternoon ride.

It was as he returned home that he was tragically killed in an accident.

Stuart was a Queen’s Royal Hussar through and through.

All members of the Regiment will deeply miss him.

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