Gerry Hawkins joined the 3rd Hussars as a Corporal from the 10th Hussars in 1925 and remained with the Regiment until he left to join the Cheshire Yeomanry as RSM in 1934.

He was most popular throughout the Regiment always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone including the newest joined recruit. He was an outstanding and popular R.S.M. with The Cheshire Yeomanry and he stayed with them until he retired in 1938. He joined 276 Battery RA, a newly-formed A.A. unit as a civilian chief clerk and ultimately became in turn Quartermaster, Adjutant and Battery Commander.

He then commanded an A.A. Regiment in London with great success and was awarded the O.B.E.

On demobilisation in 1945 he joined Bahr Behrend and Company and became manager of their London Office about a year later. He was made a partner in April 1952, and in May 1958, when the Company ceased to be a partnership and became a private limited company he became a director.

He retired because of failing health in December 1962.

He died at his home in Swindon on the 17th April 1964.

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