Tony died on 15 March 2005 in Paris, aged almost 88.

Lt Col AR Newman OBE
Lt Col AR Newman OBE

He first saw service with the 5th Company of the London Rifle Brigade (TA), joining them on 2 October 1935. On 7 January 1936, he enlisted into the Royal Tank Corps, serving at Base Depot until he joined the 4th Battalion on 15 October 1936.

While at the Depot he had passed his 2nd and 1st Class Certificates of Education with a distinction in mathematics.

In January 1938 he was on the staff of the Gunnery School. He was with 55th Training Regiment from February 1940 until June 1940, when he was posted to the Middle East to the RAC Base Depot Egypt. He was promoted to corporal on 25 August 1940.

He joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars at Bir Kenayis on 24 October 1940 and took part in the Battles of Bug Bug and El Mechili.

He returned to the UK on 23 August 1941 to attend the RAC Wing OCTU at Sandhurst, remaining there until 16 April 1942.

On 8 July 1942, he rejoined the Regiment as a Lieutenant, being promoted to Captain in July 1944.

He took part in the Battle of Alam Halfa and Alamein.

He moved with the Regiment to Cyprus on 31 December 1942 and on to Syria on 22 June 1943, then Cyrenaica.

On 13 November 1943, he sailed from Alexandria with the Regiment for Liverpool, arriving on 11 December 1943. After leave the Regiment took station at West Tofts, Norfolk, where they trained for the invasion of Europe.

He landed in Normandy on D+3 with the Regiment, less ‘C’ Squadron, taking part in the operations up to and including the crossing of the River Vie at Livarot – by now the LO – where he was severely wounded in the stomach while driving the Commanding Officer, Lt Col Goulburn, in a Jeep, on 18 August 1944. He was evacuated to the UK on 29 August 1944 and discharged from the hospital on 16 October 1944.

He then held various appointments, finishing as an instructor at the RAC OCTU, Sandhurst.

He was discharged on 8 March 1946. He was a member of the Territorial Squadron of the SAS for many years. He entered the diplomatic service and retired from it in 1984. He joined the Regimental Association on 28 June 1991.

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