David Boyall was born and raised in Australia. He joined the British Army in 1944 and arrived with the 3rd The Kings Own Hussars in February 1948.

Lt Col D Boyall
Lt Col D Boyall

He was only with the 3rd Hussars for a short time and he moved to the 15/19th Hussars in November 1949.

From November 1950 until December 1951 he returned to us and was attached to the 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars in Korea as a Troop Leader.

He served with the 15/19th Hussars until his retirement in December 1973, filling many posts including Troop Leader, Adjutant, Squadron Leader and Regimental Second in Command.

His final job was Commandant of the Driving and Maintenance School in Bovington as a Lieutenant Colonel.

After retirement from the Army, he returned to his native Australia. David never married and he died at the War Veterans Village, Narrabeen, New South Wales, Australia in December 2013.

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