Hilary Hook who died on 14 September 1990 joined the 7th Hussars in Soltau in 1947.

He was formerly in the Deccan Horse and fought in Burma.

Shortly after joining, the Regiment was sent to Barnard Castle, where Hilary who was a great and accomplished sportsman – was able to indulge in hunting, shooting and fishing which he enjoyed to the full. When the Regiment moved to Luneberg in 1950 Hilary was seconded to the Sudan Defence Force.

He was married in Kenya and returned to the Regiment with his wife Jane, shortly before it moved to Hong Kong, where they were very hospitable and popular with everyone. They became very keen on sailing and sailed a Dragon named “Ecstasy” very successfully.

When the Regiment returned to England in 1958, Hilary was the mainstay of the Polo Team which won the Inter-Regimental at Tidworth. Shortly after that, he left the Regiment to become Military Attache to the Sudan Defence Force.

After three years of service with them, he left the army and became a Warden at “Tree Tops” in Kenya.

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