Colonel ‘Monty’ Radclyffe died after a short illness on 12th May 1967.

Colonel Monty joined the Special Reserve in 1913 and the 4th Hussars in 1914, when they were stationed in Armagh. He went to France with his Regiment where he was wounded and awarded his Military Cross.

He commanded the 4th Hussars from 1932 to 1936 after which he retired. He was recalled in 1939 to command the Training Regiment until the end of the war. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

He was all his life a countryman and was Master of the South Dorset Hunt for three seasons just after the war. His interest in gun dog training and in particular Labradors which his ancestors had introduced into this country.

Into the last year of his life, he reared his own pheasants single-handed for his friends to shoot, as latterly due to failing eyesight he could only participate by beating.

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