Norman Palmer, died recently (1971) at his home in Australia. was born in 1897.

He joined the Royal Artillery in 1916 and served in France for the next two years. During this time he was badly gassed and, as a consequence. his health was permanently affected.

He transferred to the 7th Hussars in 1926, and, after a two-year tour in the Sudan Defence Force, became Adjutant of the Regiment in 1932. When they went to Egypt three years later, he became Adjutant of the Leicestershire Yeomanry and did not re-join till 1940.

Unfortunately, his health did not stand up to service in the Western Desert, but after filling several appointments in Egypt and elsewhere, he did invaluable work on the staff of his friend, General Herbert Lumsden, who was Mr Churchill’s special liaison officer with General MacArthur in the Pacific.

He was awarded the O.B.E. in 1945 and soon afterwards married and settled in Australia.

Nonnan was a fine horseman and a good all-around games player. He was also an excellent raconteur and a gay and amusing companion, with a host of friends.

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