Sam Lloyd, who died on 17 December 1984, joined the 3rd Hussars after El Alamein, coming from the Royal Gloucester Hussars with whom he had served in the Western Desert.

He was second in command to Lt Col Sir Peter Farquhar for over a year until being promoted to command the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry in Italy in June 1944.

During his time with the Regiment his great experience, his excellent sense of humour and his unobtrusive, but nevertheless thorough competence were of the greatest value. He was a very approachable man and earned the affection and respect of all the members of the Regiment.

When we first went into action in Italy the tank commander reported with evident apprehension and excitement in his voice that he was being shelled, Sam’s reply to this was:

“From now on shelling will be an everyday part of your life, so you had better get used to it, it is nothing like as dangerous as it sounds!”

While commanding the Wiltshire Yeomanry he was awarded a very well-earned DSO for his gallantry and leadership.

His son Charlie did his National Service in the Regiment in the early 1950s and to him and the rest of his family we extend our sincere sympathy,

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