All who knew David Gibbs were deeply affected by the news of his death in Kenya on the 17th of June, 1954.

Lt DW Gibbs, 3rd Hussars
Lt DW Gibbs, 3rd Hussars

He joined the Regiment from Sandhurst in October 1950. With his quiet charm and pleasant personality, he soon became a popular figure among all ranks.

No one of those with whom he served will forget his calm, unassuming efficiency or the willingness with which he went about his duties.

David was a keen horseman and showed considerable promise at polo.

He was always prepared to have a go at anything and to help anybody if it lay within his power.

His death, which occurred in a very brave attempt to cut off the retreat of a Mau Mau gang single-handedly, deprived the Regiment of a most promising 3rd Hussar and many of his brother officers of a very close friend.

He was to have returned to us from Kenya this year, and our deepest sympathy goes to his parents in their sad loss.

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