Gordon Strachan did his national service with The 4th Queen’s Own Hussars from 1952 to 1954.

Lt GC Strachan
Lt GC Strachan

He was the younger brother of Ben Strachan, a regular officer who had transferred to the Regiment from The Royal Dragoons, and was something of an eccentric. Gordon was more conventional at this stage in his life, although later displayed great powers of commitment, imagination and sheer goodness.

The Times obituary began its highly complimentary notice thus:

‘Gordon Strachan was a versatile, thought-provoking Church of Scotland minister and painter whose writings and lectures ranged from theology to cosmology, from ancient pearls of wisdom to sacred geometry.

His later prominence and influence were, however, not predictable during his time with ‘C’ Squadron when he took part in all its activities with enthusiasm and good humour and enjoyed the sporting and social undertakings.

He was a delightful member of ‘C’ Squadron, always willing to undertake extra duties and in his quiet yet determined manner getting things done well. His good nature and sense of humour made him well-liked by his fellow officers and the men of his troop.

On leaving the Regiment at the end of his national service, Gordon read history at Brasenose and afterwards studied for his bachelor of divinity at New College, Edinburgh. For his many achievements as an author, painter, lecturer and teacher, The Times obituary makes it plain how versatile he was.

Those who profited from his teaching recall that he never ‘talked at us’ but rather established a sort of fellowship for the promotion of knowledge and understanding.

His service as Minister in Dalmarnock and the joint running of the Netherbow Arts Centre in Edinburgh with his wife Elspeth Goring, together with service in Israel at the Church of Scotland’s St Andrew’s Centre in Tiberias, and on their return to Scotland teaching at Edinburgh University – all these activities plus publication of numerous books and exhibitions of his ‘cosmic elemental’ paintings illustrate how full a life of service to others Gordon Strachan led.

He was a great and good man and our sympathy goes to his wife and son. I shall remember him with pride and affection as a most valued troop leader.

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