Lt George Gordon Francis Greville, of 4th (Queen’s Own) Hussars, was killed in action aged 28 on 31 Mar 1918.

Lieutenant George Gordon Francis Greville. 4th Hussars

He was the only son of Hon Louis George Greville (third son of 4th Earl of Warwick and Lady Anne Charteris) and his wife Lily Gordon, of Heale House, Woodford.

Lt Greville was educated at Eton, which he left in 1908, and joined the Warwickshire Yeomanry as a Reservist.

He transferred from the Yeomanry to a Regular Commission with 4th Hussars on 25 May 1912.

The regiment, which was based in Dublin at the commencement of WWI, landed in France as part of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade in August 1914 for service on the Western Front.

The 4th Hussars took part in the Great Retreat in Sept 1914, the First Battle of Ypres in Oct 1914 and the Second Battle of Ypres April 1915.

The 4th Hussars also helped halt the German advance at the Battle of Moreuil Wood in March 1918 in a conflict which saw the regiment’s commanding officer, Lt Col John Darley, killed in action.

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