Bernard Loraine-Smith, who died on 23 January 1985, joined the 7th Hussars in Soltau in 1948.

Formerly he had served in Probyn’s Horse and in Burma, he was awarded an MC. Later he was to lose a leg.

He came to the Regiment with his charming wife Rachael after attending a course at the Staff College and so was doomed to spend little time with the Regiment. After only nine months he left for a staff job in Preston and after two years rejoined the Regiment at Barnard Castle.

Again, after a year, he was posted to a staff job at Wilton and never served with the Regiment again. He did, however, became 2ic of the Worcestershire Yeomanry, the affiliated Regiment, where he was a great success. He left the Army in 1954.

Bernard was a charming person full of fun and with a great sense of humour. He was popular with everyone and a very staunch friend.

Bernard was a keen sportsman and while at Barnard Castle he took an active part in hunting, shooting and fishing, but his great love was horses. He had been a very good horseman and polo player in Probyn’s Horse.

While at Worcester, and later after he had left the Army, he hunted with great enthusiasm and courage in spite of being handicapped by an artificial leg. He became a Stipendiary Steward in 1956 and very soon made a name for himself.

He is greatly missed by his many friends and admirers.

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