It is with regret that we have to announce the death of Major C. G. Davies-Gilbert, M.B.E., on the 10th March 1977.

He joined the 7th Hussars from Cambridge in 1927 and served with them until his retirement after the war.

Gilbert was a natural horseman with a deep love of animals and all equestrian sports. His enthusiasm for hunting often took him away from his official studies and his report suffered accordingly. He and Charles Cameron showed good sport as joint masters of the Aldershot Drag. In Cairo, he was Equitation Officer and helped train both Officers and ponies to mentally Team up to the outbreak of war.

Gilbert Commanded “B” Echelon in the early part of the Desert earning a well-deserved M.B.E.

In Burma, in 1942 he Commanded “B” Squadron until falling sick with Malaria and Dysentery. He was flown to India and later invalided to England.

He retired at the end of the war to his estate near Eastbourne where he farmed and was Master of East Sussex for 14 years.

He was a kind and understanding person whose many friends will miss him sadly.

Our deepest sympathy goes to Sybil and her family.

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