Edgar died on 12 November 1999, aged 82.

Maj EB Newton
Maj EB Newton

He enlisted into the Westminster Dragoons shortly prior to being commissioned into the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in May 1940, then at Market Weighton in Yorkshire.

He sailed with the Regiment from Liverpool on 18 November 1940 on the Orcades to Egypt (El Kantara), arriving on 28 January 1941, having sailed around the Cape.

He was in Tobruk with 55th Bomber Squadron from then until late February 1941. On 9 March 1941, he embarked with the Regiment at Alexandria for Greece, arriving at Pyreaus. He took part in the Greek campaign and, unlike the majority of the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, he was evacuated to Egypt on 29 April 1941. He remained with the Regiment until being posted to Nacoora, Syria, as a liaison officer to the 1st Greek Brigade.

For his services, he was awarded Officer of the Royal Order of King George 1st of the Hellenes, Gold Cross.

In October 1943 he became GSO III 20 BLU ALS GHQ. In January 1944 he was promoted to GSO II ALS Middle East Land Forces. He returned to the UK in May 1945.

He was then posted to Northern Ireland as GSO II 1st Belgian Infantry Division on instructional duties. He received the award Corporal Honorure de la lere Division D’Infanterie Belge par Decesion Maj Gen Pares Ireland Du Nord on 29 November 1945.

He took his release in March 1946. He returned to the City, but not for long, deciding to pursue a career in horticulture. He married Elizabeth in 1950. Together they had two very successful nurseries, but owing to his illness, Edgar was forced to retire early.

He attended Regimental dinners for many years and presented all his Regimental memorabilia to the museum at Eastbourne. He leaves a widow, daughter and son.

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