Eddie Cameron, who died on 3 May 1992, joined the 3rd Hussars in Lubeck in 1948 on transfer from the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards.

After filling the appointment of SQMS of ‘A’ Squadron he was promoted to SSM of ‘B’ Squadron in 1952 and then to RSM of the Regiment in 1955. He continued as RSM up to Amalgamation, shortly after which he was appointed RSM of the RAC Junior Leaders Regiment at Bovington.

From there he was commissioned and then carried out a tour of duty with the Kenyan Army.

In 1963 he returned to the Regiment to take up the reins of QM Tech, which he held until our return from Aden. From 1968 to 1975 he served as Quartermaster of HQ 1 (BR) Corps after which he was awarded the MBE.

The following year he was posted to Aberdeen UOTC, his last job in the Army and then to a quiet retirement in Northamptonshire.

Sadly he did not enjoy good health in his later years. Our sympathies go to Mina and their children.

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