Major George Hope of “Banwell”, South Mundham, Chichester, Sussex, died on April 27th, 1969.

He joined The 3rd Hussars from the Inns of Court Regt at the beginning of the war. He was with “C” Squadron throughout Wavell’s advance and the Retreat to Tobruk, where he remained with Armoured Brigade H.Q. until the siege was lifted.

Afterwards, he was engaged in tank delivery in the desert until returning to the Regiment after Alamein. Maj Hope fought the entire Italian Campaign returning to the U.K. on Python. He and Maj Heseltine were the only officers who had gone out with The 3rd Hussars and survived to be repatriated.

Following demobilization, they farmed in partnership for nine years. Ill health forced George to retire from farming about four years ago.

George was a big happy character and much loved by all ranks, who will remember him for his great humour and even greater kindness. He was the man to whom all ranks brought their troubles.

Everyone who knew him will feel the loss and our sympathies go especially to Grace his wife and their two daughters.

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