George was born on 1 April 1916 and died on 11 July 2002.

Maj GF Dunscombe, MBE
Maj GF Dunscombe, MBE

He joined the 7th Hussars at Hounslow in 1934 when the Regiment was still mounted. He was in 2nd Troop, ‘C’ Squadron. His Troop Leader was Noel Wall. He later became a clerk then a rations storeman.

The Regiment moved to Egypt in 1935. From there he progressed up the ranks throughout the Regiment’s campaigns in the desert and in Burma. After serving in India, Syria, Iraq and Egypt again the Regiment landed in Italy in 1944.

By now George was RQMS for which he was later appointed MBE for his greatest efficiency in spite of the many difficulties during this campaign. He was commissioned as a Quartermaster in 1945.

In 1946 he returned to England after 11 years of continuous overseas service with the Regiment apart from brief spells of leave in 1939 and 1945.

After a tour at Castlemartin Ranges, he returned to the Regiment as the Quartermaster in Barnard Castle. At the time the Regiment was at very low strength with only seven tanks (three of which were initially in heavy preservation) Buton posting to L√ľneburg the Regiment was brought up to full strength of men and tanks and the demands on the Quartermaster’s department were suddenly considerable. George rose to the occasion and later moved the Regiment to Fallingbostel.

When the Regiment went to Hong Kong he became the Quartermaster first of the Worcestershire Hussars and then at Warcop Ranges. He retired in December 1960.

He first worked with the Automobile Association in Exeter then with a firm of timber merchants in Fakenham. His last years were spent in homes in Exmouth, near his birthplace. His contemporaries will remember him cheerfully sucking on his pipe with a mischievous look in his eye and a broad smile. An unassuming man, he was ever ready to help others.

He served his Regiment with complete devotion being a fine example and inspiration to others. He married in 1948. However, his wife, Pat died at a tragically early age. He is survived by his son, Paul.

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