The death occurred on the Isle of Man of Major H. G. Mitchell on 18th February 1953, in his 68th year.

“The Duke,” as he was known, joined the 3rd Hussars’ Depot at Shorncliffe in August 1914. At that time he held a commission in the Yeomanry from which he transferred to the 3rd Hussars. In doing so he sacrificed a great deal of seniority.

He joined the Regiment in France early in 1915 in time for the second battle of Ypres, and served with them throughout the war, being wounded in January 1918. He came home with the Regiment and resigned his commission in 1920.

“The Duke” was a stickler for spit and polish and somehow achieved it under the most unpropitious circumstances.

When one recalls certain people one associates them with certain events and many 3rd Hussars will always associate “The Duke” with the party that gave him his nickname.

In 1915, the “C” Squadron of the 3rd Hussars arrived at Bailieau, where they were to bivouac for the night. The interpreter “Bull Frog” was sent to the estaminets to lay on a grand meal. To impress the proprietor he told them there was a very high dignitary in the party and that nothing but the very best would do. The party duly gathered and Mitchell took the part with dignity and was addressed as ” His Grace The Duke” by his fellow officers with great deference and much bowing. It was an old English custom for the night that no one could eat unless “The Duke” did, neither could they take wine save with “The

The party was a high success, and towards the end, it was with the utmost difficulty that “The Duke” was able to reply to the toasts (or for that matter guide the brandy successfully to his mouth). “The Duke’s” departure was not quite so dignified as his arrival. He tripped up on getting outside and fell into a very muddy ditch. No one who was at the party will ever forget it.

In his later years “The Duke” became a very keen yachtsman took part in the Olympic trials, and lived for some years at Torquay.

“The Duke” was a good and amusing companion and a most loyal friend he was an awfully nice man.

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