“Dougie” Hart died on 13th January 1987, aged 84.

He joined the Machine Gun Corps in 1921, later transferring to the 7th Hussars.

In 1930 he was Corporal Gymnastic Instructor, Sgt-Instr in 1935, and then promoted to SSM Fencing & Gymnastics. From 1926-1933 he was a coach and an active member of the Regimental Trick Ride & Display Team.

Prior to World War II, he was Personal Assistant to the P.R.I. and of great assistance to every branch of sport within the Regiment, including the formation of the 7th Hussars Cycling Club.

At the outbreak of war, he took over as the Official Photographer. Commissioned in 1940 he served as Commandant of a P.O.W. Camp.

During the years 1948-1958, he was Secretary of the Old Comrades Association.

“Dougie” was a most loyal and distinguished member of the 7th Hussars. His photograph in full Cavalry Field Service Marching Order is in The Queen’s Own Hussars Tercentenary Edition. Our deepest sympathy goes to Eileen and the family.

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