Old Comrades will be sorry to hear of the death of Major M. Hutton-Wilson, which took place after an operation in a London nursing home, on 28th December 1955.

He was the son of the late Colonel A. H. Hutton-WIlson. D.S.O., and was educated at Wellington and the R.M.C., Camberley.

He joined the 3rd Hussars in Egypt in 1926.

He served with the Regiment during the 1940 offensive in the Desert and in the withdrawal to Tobruk. In 1942 he was invalided home, being torpedoed en route from the Cape.

He retired in 1943 and was engaged in business in London up till the time of his death.

All who served with him knew what a kind and generous character he had and how unbounded was his loyalty to the Regiment.

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