Otho Sullivant died on 30th December 1983, aged 78.

Educated at Harrow and Clare College, Cambridge, he obtained a degree in French, Special and Military Subjects. As a TA Subaltern, he was attached to the 7th Hussars for six weeks in 1925.

He was commissioned into the 3rd Hussars with seniority as a 2Lt to date from 26 August 1926. He joined his Regiment in Egypt in 1927 and saw service with them in Egypt, India and England. On return to the UK, he was employed as a Cavalry Instructor to the Cavalry Squadron at the RTC Depot at Bovington.

He was appointed Adjutant of the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry in 1939 until being hospitalised in 1940. Two years in Canada on interchange duties then posted to the 61st Training Regiment RAC. He spent the remainder of the war years in the UK, frequently dogged by illness, he eventually applied to retire in 1947 due to ill health.

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