Peter Stoner first came into contact with the Regiment when he captained the Sandhurst football team against the 3rd Hussars in Munster in 1957.

Maj PE Stoner
Maj PE Stoner

He was commissioned into the 3rd Hussars in 1958 but actually joined The Queen’s Own Hussars on Amalgamation.

After a tour as Troop Leader in ‘B’ Squadron, he went to ‘C’ Squadron in Aden and Munster before going to the Army Apprentices’ School at Carlisle.

After an extended flying tour with various regiments, including a tour in the Far East, Peter went to Staff College where he attempted to retire halfway through the course.

Sadly for him, the Army Board applied a time ban of some three years.

Peter then returned to Detmold as a Guided Weapons Flight Commander.

He finally left the Army after a staff tour with Army HQ Aviation 1 (BR) Corps.

He went into a successful career in investment banking, as well as racehorse owning and breeding, later retiring to live in France where he was a well-known and popular character.

From there, among other activities, he was involved in a group, Club Racing, with Mike Meredith and Peter Steveney, leasing racehorses to people to be an owner for the day at a race meeting.

Peter will be long remembered for his sense of humour and comradeship, and the amusement that he brought to all that he did.

He was an accomplished cricketer, football player and golfer and played polo as a subaltern.

His name appears in the Officers’ Mess wager book on many pages in connection with various outlandish bets.

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