Peter, who died on 25 November 1996 aged 82, was commissioned into the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars from The Inns of Court Regiment in January 1940 and joined them in August 1941 at Sidi Rezegh.

He was involved in the attempted recovery of two tanks that were thought to be recoverable. Unfortunately, they kept running into the enemy, and after a day’s evasion, they managed to get back to their own lines.

He was appointed Adjutant on 27 May 1942. He took part in the break-out from Garawla on 29 June 1942. Of 18 tanks that started the breakout, only seven, including the Honey commanded by Capt Wagstaffe, got through.

He was put on the X2 List in February 1943 and returned to the UK in October 1943. On arrival, he was posted to Sandhurst OCTU where he remained until August 1944, when he rejoined the Regiment as a Major.

He was hospitalized in December 1944 and after convalescence returned to Sandhurst OCTU. He was released in March 1946 and went into business as a stockbroker (Wagstaffe and Co.).

In 1974 he left the City and took up an appointment in Mauritius, helping to set up the Stock Exchange there.

In June 1953 he was granted a TA commission in the County of London Yeomanry (The Sharpshooters). He left them in December 1954 and became a Territorial Army Reserve Officer.

He left the Reserve in March 1964. After his return from Mauritius, he became the sub-postmaster in Dunkeswell, Devon, where he was a much admired and respected pillar of the local community.

He was sincere, very kind, and a very good friend. His wife Tony died shortly after him.

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