Roy died on 8th March 2011, aged 80 years.

Maj R Currell
Maj R Currell

He enlisted in London on 18 February 1946 and was posted to ATS Chepstow, in the Boys’ Section. He came on to Man’s Service on 19 November 1948. By then he had his Certificate of Education 1st Class. He transferred to the RAC on 3 February 1949 as a gun fitter, joining the 3rd Carbineers.

He sailed on 19 June 1950 to join The 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in Malaya, arriving in Singapore three weeks later.

After a few months he joined the Hong Kong Squadron, remaining with it until 16 June 1951, when he was posted to The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in Korea, where he joined the LAD. He returned with the Regiment to the UK on 15 December 1951, arriving at Liverpool on 1 January 1952.

He was S.O.S. to the REME, joining The 8th Hussars’ LAD in Lüneburg on 22 March 1952. On 5 April 1952 he voluntarily transferred to the REME. In April 1952 he was posted back to his original Regiment, The 3rd Dragoon Guards.

In September 1952 he was appointed Lance Corporal and passed his Fitter Gun (AFV) Class I. He was promoted to Corporal in November 1952 and to Sergeant in July 1953. In February 1954 he was posted to the first of his many attachments.

In 1960 he was posted to Cyprus for employment with 42 Field Regiment RA. In July 1963 he attended a Recruiting Sergeant’s course and qualified as a Recruiter.

He married Pamela on 20 July 1961. Geoffrey was born on 8 January 1963 and Andrew on 11 July 1965. He took up his post in Middlesborough on 30 January 1964. At this time he joined The First Durham Troop.

He was discharged on 23 March 1971 and moved to St Austell, Cornwall, where he became a postman.

He was an instructor in the Army Cadet Force, finishing up as a Major and being awarded an MBE.

He was also a SSAFA Case Worker.

For many years he was an active and much valued member of the Cornwall Blind Association, gaining his Range Safety Certificate aged 78.

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