Stanley Wallis joined the 4th Hussars at Lübeck, Schleswig Holstein, in 1947 and was posted to ‘A’ Squadron, commanded at that time by Loopy Kennard.

It was in the days when the Regiment was running down to cadre strength because of the post-war demobilization. There was not a great deal of military activity, but plenty of emphasis on all forms of sport, particularly equestrian, and Stanley Wallis took his share of these activities.

There were also some rather limited training exercises during which he was taught a little armoured tactical movement. An agreeably good-natured young man with a ready sense of humour and a pleasant way with him, he fitted in well with the relaxed routine of peace-time soldiering and enjoyed the various social and sporting gatherings, particularly those available at the Travemünde Club, which favoured sailing, swimming and night club participation.

Later in 1947, Lt Col George Kidston arrived to take over command of the 4th Hussars and as he was one of the finest cavalry Commanding Officers of his generation, having commanded his own original regiment, The 12th Lancers and several others, the Regiment received a great fillip and a renewed spirit of commitment and determination prevailed.

Early in 1948, the Regiment moved to Colchester, where we received substantial and high-quality reinforcements and the news that we would be off to Malaya, equipped with light armoured vehicles to reinforce the garrison there, which together with the Malayan Police was engaged in a struggle to counter an insurrection by the former Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army.

The Regiment, therefore, trained hard and sailed for Singapore in August of that year. Stanley Wallis served with us throughout our three-year tour of duty in Malaya and acquitted himself well, showing what a valuable and reliable officer he was. After our return from Malaya, he did a language course and from 1951 to 1953 was engaged in duty with the Intelligence Corps.

In 1953 he returned briefly to the Regiment before a further attachment to the Intelligence Corps involving security duties in Carinthia and BAOR. In the mid-1950s he served on the staff of HQ 33 Armoured Brigade and HQ 6 Armoured Division.

Then in 1958 came the amalgamation of The 4th and 8th Hussars. Some officers then transferred to other regiments and Stanley Wallis joined The 16th/5th Lancers with whom he served until his retirement in 1970.

Stanley Wallis always remembered his days with the 4th Hussars with great pride and enjoyment, and when Dick Wallington arranged for former 4th Hussar officers to dine together at the Cavalry and Guards Club in the mid-1990s, Stanley Wallis was an enthusiastic and regular participant.

He will always be remembered by those who served with him as a cheerful, hard-working and loyal 4th Hussar.

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