Alwyne Pelly was born in 1893 and educated at Wellington and Merton College, Oxford,

He served in The Household Cavalry throughout the 1914-18 War and was awarded the Military Cross.

He then joined The 7th Hussars and was an equitation instructor, first at Netheravon and then at Weedon.

After serving for 3 years with the Regiment at Edinburgh and Tidworth, he went to The Leicestershire Yeomanry as Adjutant for four years and was a great success in that appointment.

Thanks to him the Regiment and the Yeomanry were great friends and continued to be so till both were mechanised and went to different theatres of war. He had always been deaf, and as a result, did not go to Egypt with the Regiment, and was forced to retire soon afterwards.

He was an outstanding rider to hounds and was always seen in the front rank, particularly of the big Leicestershire fields. Few could present horses at a fence as well as he did, and when hounds ran really well there were even fewer who could compete with him. He was always beautifully turned out, and was a conspicuous member of any field, though usually riding inexperienced horses.

He was a good shot, and he and his wife Carol were generous hosts in their various houses.

In later years he settled down in Hampshire and succeeded his father in 1950.

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