Maj Dalrymple died on December 24th, 1969.

He joined the 3rd Hussars in France in 1915. Shortly after his arrival he was on a trench party and proved himself an enterprising and intrepid leader if sometimes unorthodox, as he at times saved time by going over the top to visit other pans of the trench line rather than by the more approved routes.

He was in Turkey and Egypt with the Regiment but retired in 1927 after having taken part in everything worthwhile and enjoyable.

He rejoined the Army in 1939 and was at one time on the Provost Staff in Cairo and also in charge of “Close Combat Weapon Training”.

While in Egypt he met some of his old friends and made many new ones in the 3rd Hussars.

After the war, he retired to his home at St.Boswells. “Pimple” was a gay and amusing comrade and a good friend.

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