William Greenstreet enlisted in the 8th Hussars at the Curragh on 8th July 1898, and retired on 7th July 1933, completing exactly 35 years, having served in practically every rank from Trooper to Major.

He served continuously with the 8th Hussars until 29th May 1917, when he was commissioned as a Cornet for ‘Service in the Field’ and seconded to the Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry).

In March 1918 he was awarded the Military Cross for ‘Rallying broken Infantry and leading them forward into action.

On 18th September 1919, he rejoined the 8th Hussars and was appointed Quartermaster. He again served continuously with the 8th Hussars until his retirement on 7th July 1933.

Throughout the whole of his service, he was greatly admired both as a soldier and a sportsman.

His death on 6th January 1968, has, we believe removed from the Regimental Association the last surviving 8th Hussar who held both the Queen’s and King’s Medals for the South African Campaign.

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