Bill Lockwood died on the 24th of June 1978, aged 77.

He joined the 3rd Hussars in 1922 and was cross-posted to the 7th Hussars in 1925. He became S.S.M. of “C” Squadron in 1933 and left the army in the army in 1939 but reenlisted on the outbreak of war and served in France, Sicily and Italy before being commissioned in 1943.

After an absence of 6 years, he rejoined the 7th Hussars in Italy as Lt.(Q.M.). Then followed a period spent with the Ayrshire Yeomanry, Army Apprentices School, Taunton and R.P.O., Nottingham. He finally retired in 1954.

Bill will be remembered as a good sportsman, rifle which he was extremely competitive and he regularly appeared at Bisley. His greatest love however was boxing. A natural in the ring with an immaculate sense of timing and a gem of a left jab, he became Middle Weight Champion of the Middle East.

The Old Comrades were a very important factor in Bill’s life and he was a staunch supporter of the Association, attending all its functions. Although seriously ill he attended the Association Dinner and Cavalry Memorial Parade only a few weeks before he died.

He will be sadly missed by all his many friends and our deepest sympathy is extended to his daughter-in-law.

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