Tim Cole, who died on 24 December 1985, joined the 3rd Hussars in Egypt in 1927 and immediately joined the Riding School Staff, on which he remained until the last horses had gone.

Maj(QM) EJ Cole, MBE, 3rd Hussars
Maj(QM) EJ Cole, MBE, 3rd Hussars

He was a brilliant trainer of young horses and probably his best achievement in that way was with “Jay”, which in 1939 won first prizes at the International Horse Show, The Royal Tournament, The Hunter Society Show and many others. He rode” Jay” in the other ranks’ team jumping at the Military Tournament, which the Regiment won in the last year before mechanization.

He became SQMS and later SSM on the Regiment becoming mechanized. At the outbreak of war, he went to help form the 53rd Training Regiment at Tidworth, and not long after, he was commissioned.

The Regiment was at Mena recovering from the Battle of El Alamein when Tim rejoined in November 1942, and he was made OC Headquarter Squadron until taking over as Quartermaster of the Regiment in April 1943.

He remained Quartermaster of the Regiment for the next seven and a half years, one of the most difficult and exciting times in the history of the Regiment. Several volumes would be needed to recount his many exploits during this time. Innumerable moves had to be organized. “buckshee” kit had to be safeguarded, garrison engineers coaxed, and barrack officers placated. All this, and much more too. Tim took in his stride.

His one objective was to serve the Regiment, get as much as he could of whatever was wanted, and further our well-being and good name. It can safely be said that he succeeded.

On leaving the 3rd Hussars, he served with the North Somerset Yeomanry for four years as their Quartermaster, from where he left the Army. He settled in Somerset and for several years was a publican. He then took on the management of the Royal Bath and West Show Showground from which he finally retired.

The Regiment owed a lot to Tim, and Mary for her never-ending work in so many useful directions. Both were true 3rd Hussars, who always put the Regiment first.

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