Frank died on 22 September 2011, just 10 days short of his 100th Birthday.

Rev Can FL Hone
Rev Can FL Hone

He started his Ministry in Sheffield in 1938 as a Deacon and was priested at Christmas 1939. His Bishop recommended he become an Army Chaplain. He was granted an Emergency Commission as Chaplain to the Forces 4th Class on 9 October 1940.

After service in Northern Command, Southern Command and The 6th Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry (1940/41), he was posted to the Middle East, sailing on 25 June 1941 and joining The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in August 1941.

They were then at Mena.

Frank was present at most of the Battles fought by the Regiment – Sidi Rezegh, Bir Hacheim, Alam Halfa and with ‘C’ Squadron at El Alamein (June 1942). He was with RHQ at Sidi Bishea from September to December 1942.

At the end of December 1942 he, with RHQ, embarked for Cyprus, where they were to stay until June 1943.

During this time Frank held Services in the Greek Orthodox Church in Konda, with the Regimental Choir and Band. Voluntary attendance was 60 per cent, which shows how much Frank’s care and compassion for the Regiment members were appreciated. At the end of June, they sailed for Beirut.

The Regiment spent the period June to November 1943 in Cyrenaica. At this time, Frank temporarily left the Regiment, much against the wishes of the Commanding Officer. It was several months before he returned.

The 8th Hussars returned to England to prepare for the invasion, arriving on 8 December 1943. They were stationed at West Tofts Camp, Norfolk.

On 24 February 1944, His Majesty, King George VI honoured the Regiment with his presence.

He married Ruth on 26th April 1944. They had two children, Michael and Katherine.

Frank sailed for North West Europe on 8 June 1944 with the Regiment. Frank was very busy ministering to the Regiment and, unfortunately, attending burials, many during the Regiment’s advance across North West Europe.

He was Mentioned in Despatches for his work in North West Europe. He was also awarded The Africa Star with 8th Army Clasp. The France and Germany Star, the War Medal, The Defence Medal and The 1939/45 Star.

He returned to England on 24 August 1945, having served 4 years with the Regiment, a time he remembered with affection.

He was released from Service on 26 October 1945. Frank was a much loved and respected Padre by all ranks. He was a true 8th Hussar.

He returned to Sheffield and resumed his pastoral duties.

He held a Curacy at Rotherham and then became Vicar of St. Thomas, Brightside, a steelworks community.

In 1960 he formed one of the First Team Ministries in the country.

Frank in all his posts, and during retirement, encouraged lay people and clergy in their Ministry, with his down-to-earth, friendly and humorous approach to the Ministry.

In 1966, Roland Winn, Lord St Oswald, who served in The 8th Hussars with Frank, appointed him to the living of Fordingham.

This was a happy time. When he retired in 1978, he moved to a house on the Estate, remaining there until Lord St Oswald’s death, when he moved to Welton, outside Lincoln.

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