Jack Haywood died on the 3rd of January 2007.

Sgt AJ Haywood
Sgt AJ Haywood

Jack enlisted into the Army in January 1941 and was posted to The 4th Hussars in March 1942 having qualified as a DVR/OP. This coincided with the Regiment being brought up to strength after the Campaign in Greece and Winston Churchill becoming Colonel of The 4th Hussars.

Jack fought with the Regiment during the Desert Campaign of 1942/43 (including Alamein), was promoted to Corporal and was awarded The Africa Star with Clasp 8th Army.

After a period in Cyprus the Regiment moved to Italy in May 1944 and took part in the battle of the Gothic Line Jack was wounded twice, the second time was on the last day of the war in Europe. He had the dubious distinction of being the last member of the Regiment to be wounded during the war in Europe.

He moved to Austria with the regiment, was promoted to Sergeant and eventually was discharged in July 1944.

Jack Haywood was born in Bedworth, Warwickshire, on the 3rd September 1920 one of seven children. He attended Central School Bedworth where he passed his Eleven Plus Exam and went to King Edward VI Grammar School for Boys. He was then employed in engineering. Jack married Mollie on the 28th of June 1941 and they had two daughters.

After his discharge from the Army Jack returned to his old job in Bedworth. Then in the early fifties, he and Mollie opened a grocery shop and eventually a restaurant business.

He was a very respected man in Bedworth and eventually became the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. He learnt to play the organ and was a founder member of the Bedworth Organ Society.

Mollie died in 1989 and Jack became involved with the Regimental Association and the Royal British Legion. Testimony to his popularity in the area was a packed Crematorium, a Guard of Honour from the British Legion and at least ten Standard Bearers.

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