Alexander died on 14 November 1992.

He joined the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in January 1928, when they were in Meerut.

He served in India in Delhi, Meerut and Lucknow. He was demobbed in 1933.

He volunteered to re-enter the Services on 1 September 1939, joining the 4th Hussars at Tidworth.

He sailed with the Regiment to Egypt aboard the HMS Andes. The Regiment sailed from Egypt to Greece on the HMS Gloucester to Piraeus.

The 4th Hussars suffered terribly in this campaign, and most of the Regiment was taken prisoner, as was Alexander, but he managed to escape to Kalamata.

On 31 March 1941, he left Greece on the Costa Rica, which was sunk. He was picked up by HMS Candia and landed on Crete. From Crete, he was taken initially to Beirut and then sent to Cairo.

He took part in the Desert campaign with the 4th Hussars up to January 1943, when he moved with the Regiment to Cyprus.

He served with the Regiment throughout the Italian Campaign and took his discharge in September 1945.

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