Dominic joined the Territorial Army in April 1952, transferred to the Regular Army and was posted to the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in October 1954 until 1957.

After a spell of some four years in civvy street, he re-enlisted into The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars where he served until his release in April 1978.

During his time in the Regiment, he saw service in Borneo, Brunei and Malaya.

Following his demob he went to work at the Sergeants’ Mess, Junior Leaders’ Regiment, at Bovington and became well-liked and popular as a member of the bar staff. Unfortunately, after the Mess was ‘privatised’, Dominic became redundant and jobless, and at about the same time, he was nursing his wife through a terminal illness.

After Jane died in early 1988, Dominic’s own health began to deteriorate. He died in November 1991, and our deepest sympathies go to his daughter Lizzie and his two sons Jonathon and Nicholas.

Dominic is remembered among other things for his dry sense of humour and his quiet loyalty — as a keen follower and supporter of the Regimental football team, as a member of the Royal British Legion and as a member of the Wool Troop. He is sadly missed.

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