George died on 28th October 2005, aged almost 82 years.

Sergeant George Frederick Towle
Sergeant GF Towle

He enlisted on 15 January 1942 at Manchester and was posted to The Border Regiment. On 19 November 1942, he was transferred to the Reconnaissance Corps, joined the 49th Regiment and was based in the UK.

He landed in Normandy on 30 June 1944 and took part with distinction in the campaigns to liberate North-West Europe. He was awarded the C-in-C’s Certificate for Good Service during this campaign, where he was employed as a Despatch Rider.

He was discharged in Germany on 6 July 1947 as a Lance Corporal and received an Excellent Testimonial.

He married Luise in Celle on 26 July 1947.

He re-enlisted at Bergen on 7 July 1947 and was posted to The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, but he did not in fact join them until November 1955.

He was posted to the BAOR Training Centre and promoted to Corporal and to Sergeant on 31 May 1948.

On 7 September 1948, he was posted to the RAC Ranges at Hohne, reverting to Corporal on posting. He was re-promoted Sergeant on 24 August 1949. On 20 January 1950, he changed his engagement to 12 years. Patricia was born on 11 August 1950.

In March 1954 he was posted to the 56th Roman Catholic Retreat House at Dortmund-Herdecke and was promoted to Staff Sergeant in September 1954. His main task was protecting the Fathers from military Red Tape.

On 17 November 1955, he joined The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars at Lüneburg. He was employed in the Quartermaster’s Department as Fuel and Light NCO, and what a splendid job he did. Fluent in German, he was able to communicate with and keep under control Herr Spiller, the foreman of the coal labourers, whose main task was delivering coal to the married quarters, of which there were over 200. George was assisted by James Chaytor, who got in touch with him a few years ago.

George had been a salesman in civilian life, and he still had an entrepreneurial bent. He could get something for you at a reasonable price if you wanted something. He was a popular member of the Sergeants’ Mess, full of zeal, and enthusiasm, and excellent company.

He took the Golden Bowler on 22 August 1958, just prior to the amalgamation with The 4th Queen’s Own Hussars.

He settled in Neheim-Hüsten, Germany. He had hoped to set up a business supplying PRIs in BAOR, but owing to Red Tape and lack of help from the German Banks, his plan did not get on the road.

Instead, he became the MTO of a large tyre firm and then a quality controller in an electrical manufacturer.

He played a prominent part in the local ex-Servicemen’s Organisation in Neheim-Hüsten and organised and took part in annual trips to the Royal British Legion Branch in Bexley, the twin town of Neheim-Hüsten.

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