Peter died on 18 September 1994.

Sgt HP Turner
Sgt HP Turner

He joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in January 1944 from the 16th/5th Royal Lancers who he had joined in July 1943.

At that time the 8th Hussars were stationed at West Tofts Camp, near Thetford. He served with the Regiment from D-Day+3 until it arrived in Berlin in July 1945 and subsequent deployment at Moll in Belgium.

He left in November 1945 from Itzehoe, when he was posted to the interpreter pool based at Kiel. He was released in December 1946.

Peter came back into the Regimental Association in about 1989 and from that time on was an enthusiastic and loyal supporter of the before his death, accompanied by Heidi, who took part in the liberation Association.

He attended the weekend in Fallingbostel, and short celebrations in Lille with 11 of his friends and their wives.

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